Front facades of houses

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We tend to pay much more attention to the fronts of houses than to the facades of back houses , since this is not exposed to the public and will only be seen, in most Cases, by the owners or visits they receive.

However, the house facades can be very nice and interesting if we take the time to design them appropriately, highlighting those aspects of the building that we like.

In the afternoon today we have 4 rear facade models of houses with 2 different floors to share with you.

We will start the journey by the simplest ones, these have a simple and modern finish, in which sectors are clad in natural stone with other finishes in fine plasters painted white.

 Facades of two-story houses back

Facades of back houses

The following examples contain many more details. These include the particular forms of the walls, the combined roofs with falls in different directions, the outdoor barbecue, and the beautiful surrounding gardens.

Facades of houses back

 Rear facades of modern houses

From here we say goodbye with a very soon hoping you have enjoyed this small compilation of images of houses back.

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