Front of house with lighted staircase

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We have the front of a house with an illuminated staircase which is, as it could not be, a modern dwelling. In its façade it is possible to see balconies at different heights, one down to the left and up to the right.

The ladder we are talking about is right in the middle and has a series of lights that go in pairs as we go. It is also very interesting to see the cladding in natural stone that combines very well.

In line with this we will find lights on the balconies and on the roof of the front porch. The latter also has wood as a roof coating.


In short, it is a modern house with a large number of appliques throughout. Here we know the façade so we can get a better idea about housing in general. Finally we must say that it is also an elevated, illuminated house that is able to combine curved lines with straight lines as we go along in its description.

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