Front of two story house with balcony

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Many of us are particularly attracted to the facades of modern houses, so today we are pleased to share with you this two-story front of house with glazed balcony , modern design and Completely charming.

In this case the front balcony will be on the right half and will have a simple design, while the material chosen for the railings was a strengthened glass suitable for the outdoors. In turn the front balcony will have a cantilevered roof that will protect not only the window of three bodies but also the whole width of the balcony.


As for this modern double-storey house facade we can appreciate that it is a modern construction, with straight cuts, clad in sectors in natural stone in slats, the remaining surface will be finished Fine plasters painted in white.

Also in this beautiful facade are the wide modern openings being open on the right side, and fixed on the main entrance and the left side, the latter in turn will be provided with a metal sunshade on the part Superior, to provide some shade to the interior of the house.

Adequate lighting and a beautiful front garden complete the combo of elements needed to achieve a modern and sophisticated facade as we have just known.

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