Fronts of houses with bricks

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The bricks seen represent one of the many options we can compare in determining the final completion of the exterior of our home.

We must know that there are many ways to put bricks in view on any facade of the house, so today we bring different options so you know some of the ways we can implement this construction material for final fronts.

Modern Viewed Brick Houses

In most of the models of modern brick houses that we share then we can see that this material is combined with plasters in fine sand that will then be painted with exterior latex in light tones .

The bricks seen can also be combined with the modern textured coatings , since at Uniting them subtly we can achieve very modern composite fronts and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Without further ado we invite you to enjoy this compilation of photos of houses with modern brick.


Brick-faced houses



 brick facades-seen-photos







Once again we urge you to communicate through the comments, since we would like to hear your opinion regarding these models of housing to build of brick seen.

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