Healing Weevil – Healing Chinese Weevil

We know that there is a therapy that is performed with Healing weevil. This is based on the ingestion of an insect, which people usually call “weevil” but the truth is that it simply is not, its name is Palembus Ulomoides Dermestoides.

These weevils, as they are known, have done a lot of scientific research. It is a method that people use to treat diseases that in certain conditions are usually serious, for example, we have asthma, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis and many more.

Healing weevils to improve your quality of life

With therapies with healing weevils , you can have a great improvement in your quality of life, and boost your immune system. This is a weevil that must be consumed with life, this is because, apparently at the time of death, is when it usually releases a liquid that many people call it crotoxin, but its real name is coleotoxin, this is because Proceeds from coleopteran origin, and for this reason offers a direct action on the organism, and is said to usually reactivate the immune system.

We are talking about a very unknown liquid for many, its name is Coleotoxin, we know that after having ingested it may take about 10 days for us to begin to notice a great reduction in pain problems.

This is something that is related to a numbing effect, which is possible to verify by means of our language, since, if we make the decision to bite a weevil, then we will notice that sensation when entering In contact with their liquids.

Preferably ingest before eating

As most people say, it is preferable to consume the healing weevils before eating, but if you do not have stomach problems. For example, people with stomach or bowel cancer would be better off eating sooner.

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