Horizontal grilles for modern houses

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Previously we have already shared fronts of houses with horizontal grilles , but today we want Provide more examples of horizontal grids for modern houses as it is a model increasingly used.

Horizontal grills for fronts
The horizontal bars for modern houses can be applied not only to garage doors or vehicular income, but also to continue the same aesthetics in front of the main entrance of the house.

 Designs of horizontal gratings for modern houses

Horizontal grills for fronts

Minimalist horizontal railings for facades

Modern horizontal grilles

 Horizontal bars for two-story houses

Horizontal metal gratings

 Gates of houses with horizontal bars

Modern houses often combine horizontal metal grilles with glass, traditional masonry and wood, the combination of different materials will bring you much at the front of the house, which in addition to being safe will be very beautiful and attractive.

Modern horizontal grates

 Horizontal grids for modern houses

Rejas Horizontal for homes

From here we said goodbye hoping you have found here beautiful designs of modern horizontal bars.

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