House covered in stone

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To see this house facade that can be very striking to those who observe it. It is part of a 3 bedroom house and, as we can see at the front, has a double garage.

 House covered in stone slab

These two garages are ideal for a modern, spacious and practical home as it is today. Just to comment we will add that the housing has a covered area of ​​200 square meters has a kitchen, living room, a separate laundry and a total of three bathrooms.

Regarding the facade, and returning to it, we must say that it has a clearly rectangular shape. The front is shown stepped and with a large number of openings.

 houses covered with stone slab

The whole exterior is clad in stone slab and worked in detail. Due to the shape of this house we can imagine it with different types of coating and with any of them it would look good (brick seen, traditional plaster, etc).

Among all the facade images of houses clad in natural stone and you can enlarge this article, and the rest that we have presented on previous occasions will see that it is very normal that the fronts of houses covered with stones take a rustic look with ease. It happens that the fronts of houses with slabs go hand in hand with this style and in many cases is combined with bricks.

We hope that this modern, staggered and stone-clad house will appeal to you when choosing a design for a future home.

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