House facade of 2 floors and bricks view

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Among the most interesting designs we have presented so far this year is undoubtedly this 2 story house facade that includes bricks seen in the Outside.

With a large front porch (although this is not fenced) is a simple but tasteful design. It recalls certain constructions of the 80’s made in the United States.

We will find that traditional brick for the front is used in brick seen only on its sides.

 2-story house facade and exposed bricks

This house has a total of 150 square meters spread over 2 floors as we had previously named.

The counter-facade or back, although we can not see it this time, ends in a large balcony that runs the entire width of the house. These balconies are ideal as they provide a space for relaxation while maintaining some privacy as they are behind.

In the next edition we will bring you other designs similar to this facade of house of 2 floors and bricks view that we have decided to share.

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