House facade of 45 meters

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This 45 square meters facade has a single floor throughout its building. Here we are going to see also the plane of the same one so that we can better understand its design since this one is conformed in three dimensions.

We begin by indicating that the house rises from the ground about 30 cm. They are necessary to achieve a correct insulation of the moisture of the foundations.

 House facade of 45 meters

In addition, we can see that the masonry rises to reach a roof that appears in a single block and inclined sloping backwards.

House facade with flat

With regard to the flat we can notice the existence of a single bedroom, this communicates with the rest of the apartment through a side hall. We will then go to the bathroom, the dining kitchen and the living room from there.

The entrance to the house takes place through two central points and these are realized with windows that open in their totality.

 45-meter house plan

In the plane we can see an element that is absent in the conception of the facade. The garage can then be added on either side.

With this word we finish the tour through this facade of 45 square meters that we have decided to present on this occasion.

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