House facade with curves

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This house facade with curves has this detail only on some of its faces. In a specific way, here, the urban area corresponds to a staircase in the shape of a snail that is in the interior.

In this way it is necessary to have curved glasses in order to place openings in this area. We can notice how this structure reaches the top with a flat roof, does not have the same slope as the rest of the house.

House facade with curves

In addition to having this curved area we have another that is octagonal. We refer to the right wing of the apartment and it has two large windows, one per floor. For the upper part it has been decided to remove the building line backwards to make way for an advantageous balcony.

The shed or left serves to shelter the vehicle or cars in the inclemency of the climate.

In the center of this facade with curves we have the entrance to the housing made with a large opening and topped with glass in the upper part.

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