House facades with pergolas

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Today we propose a series of different façades, we will dedicate ourselves to share with our beloved readers house facades with pergolas , soon we will check together that this type of constructions can be realized with a great variety Of materials.

Images of houses with pergolas

We wanted to share this time with you beautiful images of houses with pergolas , as they are very interesting to build both on the facade and on the facade of our property.

Being feasible to build to measure and with the design that we like most will allow us to obtain a space of half shade ideal to enjoy with friends or family.

As you can see below, there is a wide range of pergolas for houses , this is how we find wood and cloth pergolas, metal pergolas, metal frame pergolas and carbon fiber roof Or plastic, or even pergolas made entirely of metal.

 Facades of rustic houses with pergolas

Facades of modern houses with pergolas

House facades with pergolas

image- 235

 Two-story house facade with pergolas

 House facade with metal and polycarbonate pergola

 House facades with simple pergolas

 House facades with modern pergolas

In addition to generating shade and a very pleasant space, the pergolas serve to differentiate environments and thus create a kind of division between the interior of the property and the exterior itself.

We hope you have enjoyed these beautiful façades with pergolas of different types.

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