House facades with stone details

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With 220 square meters this modern home design allows us to get a better idea of ​​what can be achieved in this amount of space. In addition, and mainly, we will know how to give a facade of house details in stone without it occupying all the extension of the same.

 facades of stone for houses

We are talking about a large house, not only for its square meters but also for the number of rooms it has. Although it only has 2 bathrooms we have a total of 4 bedrooms. To this is added a deposit, an office, the living room next to the dining room and the kitchen and all on two floors.

Stone facades for houses

Basically we have a facade with roof to four waters with endings of tiles . From there we descend with a series of masonry clad in traditional plaster. Nevertheless, already in the inferior part, we have the stone that occupies us in this occasion.

 House facades with stone details

Although the proportion of facade covered by this stone may seem smaller, we should not underestimate the contribution it gives us. It is a series of natural stone mosaics that have been created in different areas of the home.

There is a difference in the distance in which we can find certain masonry, the stone seems virtual and placed in front of it. However, it is only decorative in the area of ​​pedestrian access, for the rest it is an extension of the house (for the ground floor).

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