House facades

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It is imperative to make a separate section for the villa facades in this compilation that we intend to give you throughout the site. This is how we will begin with one that is more than interesting for lovers of this type of houses and facades in general.

 Façades of chalets

As you walk through the images of the facade of this chalet we will realize the good taste that was destined to the house. Let’s not forget the counterfacade to get a better idea of ​​what we have in our hands.


In addition to in paragraph apart, the villa this time deserves a new note. That is why we will only show in detail to this and we will leave the rest for new deliveries.


Going to the important thing we will start with the main thing, the stone façade. This one has the same style in all its extension, the travertine without polishing has a termination that oscillates between 2 well defined colors and all the spectrum between the same.


The joints, or joints of each stone, are made in a white color that matches very well with the color of the stone. For our part we consider the best style of colors that can be achieved in this case.


Both this, and the rest of the façades of chalets, have much to tell about what a house is and represents; Here we have seen a clear example of this.

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