House fronts with galleries and columns

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Equip the houses fronts with galleries and columns is a way to provide shade and shelter to the main entrance of the house without neglecting the aesthetic and functional. That is why in this note we are dedicated to share different models of galleries for facades of houses .

You will notice as soon as you begin to walk through this article that we decided to select house facades with galleries on one and two floors, to check the different construction possibilities that we can take into account if we want to provide our front With this type of structures.

We will begin our tour of this modern house facade with concrete gallery, this one has a charming gallery over square columns, at the same time as the construction of a wooden pergola is planned with the intention of it works as a garage for the vehicle Family.

 Fronts of modern houses with galleries and columns

While these examples stand out for having roofs covered with colonial shingles of different shades.

 Fronts of houses with galleries and columns

 Fronts of simple houses with galleries and columns

We can not only think of the construction of concrete galleries with columns of arid materials, but we can also think about the possibility of building galleries with noble and durable woods as the example that we show below.

 Fronts of houses with wooden galleries

We can not finish this note without first showing a model of galleries for a modern two-story house, these will be present both on the ground floor and on the top floor, without a doubt a very attractive and interesting model. >

 Fronts of houses of two floors with galleries and columns

If you did not find here the gallery design for the front of the house that you were looking for, we suggest you visit our Houses with gallery .

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