House of 190 square meters

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We will find that this house of 190 square meters has its covered surface distributed in two different planes. Each one corresponds to a different plant (low and high).

The facade of the same is presented with a roof four waters a small virtual roof that reaches the main entrance and the garage door. One of its sides we will find a gallery covered of modest dimensions.

House of 190 square meters

The house itself presents itself as a modern home where the combination of materials is its strong point if we talk about decoration.
House 190 sqm with four water roof

With respect to the flats of the house we will see that these are two, as we indicated previously in them we will find the following environments: A garage, two bathrooms, an office, A kitchen and a laundry room.

House plan of 190 square meters

All this seeks the comfort of those who live in a house so with regard to bedrooms we must say that these are three and each one of considerable dimensions.


So we finished the plans of this house of 190 square meters that is so pleasing to the eye.

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