House of 2 floors in wood and rustic style

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This house of 2 floors presents a rustic style with a gabled roof. It is cut by an overhang that serves to place a wide window at the top.

We will find that the ceiling, the walls and the rest of the appliques are shaped in a very pronounced rustic design.

We also have to highlight the existence of a shed on the right side that serves to house even a vehicle. This continues in the same line as the whole house and is coupled to it without major inconveniences.

The front porch occupies the entire width of the living area of ​​the house and gives us extra space for outdoor living.

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Between the two floors total almost 160 square meters so we are talking about a large housing and able to accommodate up to 3 rooms.

We hope you enjoy this rustic house facade that is located on 2 floors and has wood on the outside.

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