House with floating base

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This is a small house that has a floating base as a form of building on its foundations. Even in the presented image it is possible to see the separation that exists in the inferior part. This will allow to keep the house isolated from the soil moisture that rises through the effect of capillarity.

The front allows us to see the particular form of housing. It has a virtual metal roof that occupies much of the facade. In addition, in one of the sides, there is a protrusion belonging to the upper floor. This is an extension of one of the rooms there.

The large glass windows serve as the main access to the house. The deck serves the front porch but it will also be useful for one side as a way to get to the rear.

casa With-floating-base Needless to say, this is a two-story house, this is evident when looking at the image presented. The exterior decoration will be in charge of each person and here we only propose an example that can be used or left out.

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