Houses roofs four waters

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Choose what type of roof to use for our home will involve collating a number of factors, among which it will be essential to evaluate the available budget, the type of structure of our construction and our tastes when deciding one of the aesthetic and Structural aspects of housing.

For this reason, we want to share different examples of roof facades with four-story roofs , in particular these examples show the results of a roof made of zinc sheets on a wooden structure < / P>

This type of roofing is a somewhat cheaper option compared to traditional concrete slabs or joists, making it an interesting alternative for more than one client.

We invite you to browse this small catalog of four-story roof facades , all of these properties are one-story buildings, but could perfectly well be used for two-story homes.

Houses Ceilings four waters

 Facades of houses with four-sided roof

 Roof structure to four waters

 Roofs of modern planks
If you are thinking of making a roof of this style we would love to hear your opinion about it.

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