Houses with thatched roofs

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At times we may want to roof our home with straw, palm or totora, so today we are going to show you beautiful photos of houses with thatched roofs .

Although it is not usual to make straw roofs, in some cases it may be an appropriate and interesting alternative.

Houses with roof totora

This type of ceilings is usually more economically accessible, so it is often used in modest construction or simply as a special decorative option.

Roofs made with dry vegetation are constructed from straw, reed, reed, heather, reed, sedge and other materials obtained in the area where the dwelling is located, which reduces its cost notoriously. >
The roofs of vegetable roofs are environmentally friendly (ecological ceilings), durable, economical, beautiful, simple to install, allow proper isolation in both hot and cold climates, among other aspects .




 facades-of-houses-with-thatched roof

 straw-roofs for homes

 Homes-with-totora  houses-with-roofs

Perhaps the only or most notorious disadvantage of this type of roof is the fire hazard, although there are currently elements on the market that help reduce the risk of combustion, although this does not completely eliminate the risk, for Which is necessary to take special care about it.

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