How does it hurt the weevil weevil – Chinese weevil

Whether out of curiosity or the fact that you are building your own weevil colony to take advantage of its medicinal benefits, you will be interested in how the late summer rains are affecting the male weevil.

The male beetle is also a victim of climate change

It is no secret how much climate change affects our planet with every passing day. In fact, more and more scientists, politicians and even celebrities are joining the international movement to create a better awareness of climate change.

All this is done not only for the purpose of saving our species, but also for others like the weevil, which has recently been affected by these changes in the environment.

To be more specific, a group of Spanish scientists found that the late rains of last summer caused havoc among weevils, especially among males.

In order to understand how these delays affect weevils, we must first discuss the reproduction process of this species.

As we mentioned earlier in our post on Where do the Chinese weevils live?, females of this species lay their eggs in organic foods such as rice, grains and even flour. After completing their gestation process, the larvae emerge from these eggs and feed on the food that surrounds them.

Once the maturity is reached, the males will find other sources of food to mate.

The problem is that when the environment around the larvae is very dry, they can not emerge from their eggs. And taking into account that male larvae emerge much earlier than females, the recent delay in rainfall caused a large deficit in the number of males.

Obviously, this can significantly reduce the number of pairs available to fertile females, which in turn reduces the total genetic diversity of the population.

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