How to cure psoriasis – Cure psoriasis with coleoterapia

Have you ever wondered how psoriasis is cured? According to many people, Chinese weevil might be the answer.

In fact, weevils are so popular within alternative medicines that many people use them to treat other diseases like cancer, diabetes, overweight, asthma and even Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

But as our title indicates, today we will focus on the healing properties of weevil to treat psoriasis.

How psoriasis is cured with weevils

To understand the effect of weevils on psoriasis, we must understand how this disease works.

Normally, the cells of our skin are created in the deepest layers of our body and gradually emerge until they completely replace the dead cells on the surface of our skin. This cycle repeats without end some to ensure that our skin is always in the best conditions to face our daily routines.

But when our immune system begins to fail, our body accelerates the process of regeneration of the cells of our skin. This accelerated process prevents our cells from occurring correctly and this manifests itself in the form of patches or patches on the skin.

According to many scientists dedicated to the research of alternative medicines, ingesting weevils helps to stabilize your immune system and therefore this treatment is able to fight diseases such as psoriasis.

It is essential that weevils are alive at the time of consumption, so this treatment is not for the weak.

Many people have tried this method and say it does work, but many others say it is not worth it. There is still not enough evidence from the international medical community to know who is right, but this treatment has virtually no side effects, so you are welcome to try it on your own and draw your own conclusions.

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