How to take Chinese weevils: Timeline

Today we are going to uncover how and how eat the Chinese weevil, ie how to take the Chinese weevil to make it positive.

How to take Chinese weevil is totally easy and you will even be surprised how quickly we can get on the remedy program, so you do not have to spend much of your time dedicating yourself To treatment, but you have to dedicate a few minutes a day depending on the day you go. Increasing the number of insects to digest until it reaches a point that decreases again, for this follows the tutorial and do not lose sight of any second, since we have something very special for you to be Healed.

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Well, it is necessary to get a calendar, since the schedule of taking each weevil is planned to do it between 150 days , yes in more than 5 months we can completely end the treatment, but if you want to cure That disease you will have to follow the remedy to the letter.

The important thing is to find a good store of Chinese weevils to continue with the planned for almost the whole semester without having any interruption if we want everything to get to the plane of perfection, since it requires a lot of constancy if you want positive results.

It is recommended if you want to achieve the goal is that we just concentrate on doing so and also do not plan so many trips abroad as this can interrupt the treatment, since most people can be sorry to expose themselves to Treat these insects in front of other people because they can become a bit “disgusting” or they can denigrate us with other social characters , so it is better to protect the treatment in private. Although if it works you can share it with all your friends and family.

How to Take Chinese Weevils: Timeline

Well, as mentioned above, we must follow a strict 5-month program to meet our goal, take note that we unveil how to take Chinese weevils.

Day 1: You have to eat 1 weevil to start the program
Day 2: You must increase the portion to two weevils.
Day 3: Now you will have to raise the diet again to three of these insects
Day 4: Again we will raise the number to four insects
Day 5: Following the ascending numbers, we go for 5 Chinese weevils.
Well, when we are on day 75 (When we eat 75 of these insects a day, a very hard but effective process) We will go to another route and clearly you will be pleased with the next step that we will take, since we will do it in the opposite direction. It is as follows:
Day 76: On this day we will take 74 Chinese weevils.
Day 77: We lowered the figure again to seventy-three.
Day 78: Again and following the excitement, we go for the 72.
Day 79: Without any concern, we drop the figure to 71.
Day 80: With some improvements we are going to the 70 of these insects that many do not want.

Now we will only have to keep decreasing the numbers and comply with the method of taking Chinese weevils in the easiest way possible, made for you with all the possible love that may exist to be cured of their disease.

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