Illuminated Facades

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Illuminated facades are undoubtedly those that convey a greater sense of modernity to homeowners as well as to anyone who observes them.

Illuminated facades

That’s why we’ve decided to give a special section on the type of facades . The lighting, strategically established, will give us an added value to what we already have and we understand ahead.

illuminated fronts

Being illuminated , facades can be displayed during night hours. That is why there is a large market in this regard.

Illuminated facades leds

Facades Of illuminated houses

Lighting technology has come a long way in recent years. The new technologies of dichroic lamps and leds also allow to generate an intense light to a low cost of consumption.

fa├žade lights

There is a large market which can be accessed through lighting houses. That is why we dedicate ourselves to the facades, because they allow us to choose, to decorate, to design and to be free of being able to have what we want in terms of illuminated facades.

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