Indian Weevils – Indian and Chinese Weevils

Indian weevils : We are talking about small-sized bugs, these are also dark in color and are easy to reproduce, in a short time they have such hard wings That we could easily confuse them with a shell, is practically what would be a simple beetle.

When we talk about the Indian weevils, you should know that those known as “weevils” actually come from China, they were discovered in 1891, And in their beginnings were used for the purpose of curing asthma.

Indian beetles cure diseases

It seems that this type of insects has come to be attributed to the cure of very serious diseases, for example, we can mention cancer, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, Arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc., but what should be done is ingest it alive.

If you have them at home, Indian weevil can eat bran or corn flour, you could give them banana peels or Peanut.

How does it help us?

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Apparently, when Indian weevils die inside a person’s stomach, they usually release what we know as coleotoxin or crotoxin, which is a substance that According to research is strongly believed to help boost our immune system.

When we make the intake of these living insects, we must take into account that it can only serve us in support of traditional medicine, or as if we were talking about complementary therapy.

The effect of the coleotoxin released by these weevils on our stomachs could cause the pain to be completely removed after about 10 days.

When biting a weevil, it is known that the liquids it leaves may numb the tongue. According to some patients, in cases in which morphine no longer calmed the pain, with weevils if they felt improvement.

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