Irregular house facade

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On this occasion we will see an house irregular facade that is in the image below and can be observed by you. In its beginnings, this house, could have been a house much more couple and with better determined forms. However, as it grew vertically, we decided the irregularity that can be seen.

irregular house

It is easy to determine the approximate location of the environments inside, but for something more precise we have irregular house plans . You will be able to observe them later in detail.

Facade Of irregular home Irregular house plans

In itself, this house does not cost much more than the rest. Only the creation of beams strong enough and located in the right places to support the masonry of the top floor should be contemplated.

plans Of irregular home

irregular plane

We hope you can enjoy and use this map in the same way as we did and any doubts leave it in the comments section.

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