Large front house with front garden and double garage

The title of this article defines this house as best as possible. When we see it all we can notice its main characteristics that make this facade a construction of distinction and good taste.

To start we will have a spacious front, a spacious garden and a double garage entrance. All this as a whole gives us a very nice home.

 Wide house facade with front garden and double garage

We will then begin by talking about the 14 m that make up this façade. This will require ample grounds to house such housing.

We also have the front garden with not less than 5 m deep. This extends over almost the entire facade and is only trimmed at the time of giving way to the vehicular passage for two cars.

The openings, the column in stone and wood, the coating on the latter material and the placement of locenions on the access door gives us an almost luxurious façade.

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