Large house facades

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We will share with you this time a series of house facades , this is not a compilation of images of modern houses facades , but rather Of classic North American style homes.

A total of six photos of large houses we have on this occasion, when you go through them you will see that it is about the shots of two private homes, this type of shots allows to know from different angles the facades and against facades of large two- and three-story houses .

 Façades of large houses with double garage

Large house facades

 Classic large houses facades

 Facades of large two-story houses

 Facades of large three-storey houses

Facades of large houses with columns

As you will see, very common paint shades like white, terracotta, and gray have been used on the walls, while the roof has been coated in asphalt shingles.

We await your comments regarding these examples of classic large house facades.

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