Life cycle of Chinese weevils

Today we talk about the life cycle of Chinese beetles , something that may be of interest if you are taking the treatment or if you want to breed.

The Chinese weevil are a species of insects that has been highlighted by Great way for their ability to develop as a colony, as they can become an unimaginable scourge so we must know the Chinese weevils’ life cycle to be able to control them when a farm They or have happened to be developed in a package of corn flour, wheat or any other that we have stored in the house and which is a suitable place for them to coexist.

Chinese weevils’ life cycle

What we should know is that they come from the family Curculionidae, so one of its characteristics is that they develop in a colony way and that need at least one herbivorous source of food To be able to live, their reproduction can be easily performed as they settle on eggs that last a long time to open, these can be embedded in the grains of rice, flour, corn, wheat, and many other crops.

The main stage of a Chinese weevil is an egg , where it will take a few weeks to develop fully, then it will become a larva which is a vital time to consume food and have a Long period to winter, this last step with the purpose to become a pupa to enter into a kind of metamorphosis and leave as the perfectly developed insect, which is known as Weevil.

As you will see your evolution process is a bit long, as it becomes a few months to be able to obtain its last most developed form. These insects we can identify them when they are young and adults, since at the beginning of their years of life they will have a clear tone, then they will turn brown as time passes and when they reach adulthood they will have a dark color tone, Which can be deduced the amount of time of life that has had one of these insects.

What do Chinese weevils feed on in their life cycle?

They are herbivores, that is, they feed on plants or produced from them , so you should not have any concern as to whether one of these will attack or feed you because you really do not Will, is not in its nature. However they can defend their colony from other species.

Your highest food intake is corn, flour, and any other grains in which you can reproduce.

The colony can be made up of hundreds of thousands of them, so they will be a plague difficult to extinguish. They have to reach the points where they reproduce and where they have the food sources.

It should be remembered that from a pair of Chinese weevils can be obtained in just one year, more than ten thousand of these insects, females can get to lay more than 300 eggs in their periods Of mating. So if you want to create a farm of these insects, you must keep them in a place where they can not flee and keep their reproduction at all.

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