Luxurious and illuminated house facade

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As you contemplate this facade of a luxurious and illuminated house we will see that it will not be overlooked by anyone. Especially at night when the lighting is full allowing to observe each of the details in a different way as we do during the day.

We also consider that it is a luxurious home facade for its shape and size. However, it is the materials used in it that end up defining this style.

Facade of luxurious and illuminated house

Stone lining in specific areas makes it truly exquisite. The glazed balconies and the wooden ceiling finishes are also details that can not be overlooked.

With a total of seven steps that must be crossed we will reach the entrance door. This consists of a frame entirely made of aluminum and the central panel in armored glass. In the surroundings of the same we also have different panels of glass although in this case of smaller size and bevelled.

There are many other details that become almost infinite in this facade of luxurious and illuminated house and that is very difficult to detail completely. We leave them with the same so that they can appreciate and admire it.

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