Luxury facade with large windows

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This facade with large windows can also be considered luxury. It has been used a series of materials and a design that allow us to affirm what said.

It also has a combination of colors on the front that make it stand out. A side door as main entrance finishes finishing the style of the house.

 Luxury fa├žade with large windows

The ceiling or outgoing eave in mid-height is a touch of design and good taste that we can not fail to name. Sismos serves to protect the house and also as decoration.

In both our area and at the top we have decided to block lights to illuminate during the evenings, which provides security style.

The access door to the wooden dwelling with details in glass. The handle has a handle of stainless steel.

The small front garden goes unnoticed due to its location and small size.

We finished detailing the luxury facade with large windows that we can see in the exposed image.

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