Recipe Free The Best Vegetable Antibiotics

The dried roots of the Cape Pelargonium, which only occurs in South Africa, are traditionally used by the Zulu-Medics for bronchitis. When taken with acute ailments, the valuable plant substances massively support the body’s defense against viruses, prevent bacteria from multiplying and help to solve even stubborn mucus. For children up to 12 years of age, there is the well-tolerated plant juice on a prescription (eg Umckaloabo, pharmacy).


The flowers of the chamomile inhibit inflammation, have antibacterial and healing properties. Pain in the mouth-throat space is therefore best combated with camomile tea, diseases of the respiratory tract can be managed with inhalations.


Here, essential oils and tannins make the healing power. Gurgling therefore kills germs and protects the mucous membrane in the region of the neck. As tea relieves sage diarrhea as well as inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. Sweets sucking drives sore throat and hoarseness.


Their place of origin is the Macchia, an evergreen Mediterranean vegetation zone. In Greece, the plant is a popular remedy. Reason: Your ingredients repel germs and activate the immune system. Lump pills have a preventive and healing effect in colds (eg Cystus 052, Pharmacy).


That the sweet bee product inhibits disease germs is known. Relatively new is however the realization that the New Zealand Manuka honey acts so strongly against bacteria, that it itself against the dangerous hospital nuclei arrives. The reason: it makes it impossible for the pathogens to attach itself to the tissue, thus slowing their growth.


Nasturtium and horseradish: Their mustard oils kill bacteria, viruses as well as fungi, strengthen additionally the defense forces (eg angocin, pharmacy). The application area is therefore large, ranging from airway infections such as bronchitis, forehead or sinus infections to urinary tract problems.


They can both make us sick, but otherwise the pathogens are very different: viruses are not living creatures, have no metabolism. To be able to multiply, they “program” human cells. Common virus infections are colds and flu. Antibiotics do not help against viruses. Bacteria, on the other hand, are living creatures, multiplying independently. They can form toxins that harm us. Antibiotics fight the pathogens.


Answer the following questions:

Do you often have gum bleeding or already periodontal disease?
Are your joints swollen?
Does your stomach hurt after eating?
Are you often X-rayed?
Do you need to take several medicines?
Have you ever had a sunglasses?

Evaluation: If you had to answer “yes” once or even several times, you should register with the GP and check it out. You may already have an inflammation in your body. Whether this is the case can be determined with a blood test. The doctor can then initiate the appropriate therapy.

The Best Medicines for Flu and Cold

How do flu and cold differ from each other?

Both diseases are associated with cough, runny nose, and sore throat. However, there are differences: Cold-blood exciters are working slowly in the respiratory tract. Therefore the symptoms occur one after the other. Influenza virus, more violent.

That is why the symptoms usually begin at a stroke, and there are others: high fever above 39 degrees, violent headache and limb pain, and exhaustion. In elderly and weakened people, influenza can also lead to complications such as heart or lung problems.


If suspected of a flu. Also with a fever from about 39 degrees, which persists for more than two days despite self-treatment, as well as with a cold lasting more than seven days. Other warning signs include shortness of breath or a “barking” cough.


Only if a “bacterial superinfection” is present: If the defense mechanisms are already weakened by cold or influenza viruses, bacteria can penetrate the mucous membranes. As a result, inflammation of the nasal sinuses can occur in addition, for example. Antibiotics are ineffective against a cold or flu, because they are not caused by bacteria but by viruses.

Is there any medicine for the vires?

No, not against colds. The prescription active ingredient oseltamivir is mainly available against influenza viruses. However, according to a new study evaluation, it is not very effective.

The fact that he prevented serious complications or infections could not be proved. Appropriately, Stiftung Warentest has evaluated the appropriate remedy “Tamiflu” (prescription) for a long time as “restricted”. In the case of colds and flu, medicines therefore only alleviate the symptoms.


An important finding concerns combi-preparations. These agents contain several active ingredients. According to advertising they are to alleviate various complaints at once. However, the studies showed that this “watering can principle” is not useful. Some agents contain drugs in too low a dose, with questionable use or disproportionate side effects. In a more targeted and gentle way, symptoms such as runny nose, cough and sore throat can be treated with preparations containing only one active ingredient.


According to Stiftung Warentest the active ingredients Ibuprofen and Paracetamol in fever and pain. Fever alone can be treated up to 38.5 degrees (rectally measured) but also with the proven calf wraps. The body heats up for good reason. The immune response is stimulated, so that the pathogens are better combated. Sprays and drops for nasal mucosa swelling (if possible without preservatives) as well as antiseptic agents with dextromethorphan were also considered as helpful.


Rest is the best medicine for colds and flu. Many patients also does heat well, for example in the form of baths with essential oils. In addition, you should drink a lot to liquefy the mucus.

What Medicaments are Used in Fertility to Get Pregnant

Reproductive medicine has made striking progress in recent decades. While the scientists had great difficulties in developing appropriate incubation media for extracorporeal fertilization 30 years ago, this is now no longer a problem.

The removal of oocytes is now much easier. Ultrasound control makes it possible to remove cells by needle from the Uterus of the woman. The success rate of insemination is now around 15 percent per cycle – this is a value comparable to fertile couples. A pregnancy test is also quite cheap and reliable.

The most striking development is when one compares the medication in children’s wishes at the time. At the beginning of the 1980s, the development of medication schemes presented major problems to the treating physicians. For fear of overdosing, too little doses were administered to the patients, so that not enough eggs could reach for the puncture in the ovary.

Today it is possible to calculate the demand so accurately that the risk of overdosing is negligible. If cysts are formed in women’s ovaries after the administration of hormone preparations, they can be surgically removed. As a rule, ovarian cysts are only a few centimeters large and do not cause any discomfort. With the help of modern ultrasound devices, tissue changes in the ovary can be detected within a few millimeters; however, these are not harmful and have no disease value.

Clomiphene citrate: the means of choice in children’s needs

Various means are used in a stimulation cycle. Clomiphene citrate is an active ingredient that stimulates maturation of the egg and induces ovulation. The patient takes the drug once or twice a day. The body starts immediately with the release of LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). Like all chemically based drugs, clomiphene citrate also causes side effects in some patients. Since the remedy has an anti-oestrogenic effect, the symptoms resemble those that women show in the menopause. Among the most common complaints are depressive moods, headaches and hot flashes.

It is recommended to use the medication for a maximum of three to six cycles, otherwise the mucous membrane of the uterine cavity may be affected. Slime production is increased after taking clomiphene citrate; there is also an increased probability of a multiple pregnancy.

Modern drugs are injected subcutaneously

LH and LSH are now available as highly purified drugs that the patient can inject himself subcutaneously. Modern preparations are produced using genetic engineering and rarely trigger allergic reactions around the injection site. The substance is injected into the skin using an injection pen. This procedure is absolutely safe and requires no medical supervision.

So-called GnRH analogues are synthetically produced drugs which are very similar to GnRH (gonadotropin releasing) hormone. The formation of the female sex hormone estradiol is largely suppressed by it. In this way, the patient is temporarily transferred to the menopause – premature ovulation is thus excluded. GnRH analogues can be used as a nasal spray or as a syringe.

The Best Medicines to Get Sick?

2010 was a year of “fall backers”. In the US, a large number of evidence-based and reliably scientifically proven preparations were withdrawn from the market or given limitations of indication, as they involved serious and reliable side effects (including death).

“Meridia” (called “Reductil” in Germany) was a “slimming agent”, which triggered increased myocardial infarction rates. In the US there were deaths, 29 since 1998, and over 400 serious side effects. Abbott’s lapidary comment: “Public Citizen (a US consumer protection organization) hurts hundreds of thousands of Americans who control their obesity safely and successfully.”

“Darvon”, a painkiller by Eli Lilly, was taken out of the market because of life-threatening arrhythmias in the USA and Europe. The same was done with Avandia, a diabetic tablet, which has been on the market for over 10 years. Only last year the public learned what the manufacturer Glaxo knew for a long time: The stuff can be life-threatening, because it can cause sudden deaths and cardiovascular diseases. The probability under Avandia was increased by more than 40 percent. The company has known this since its launch in the late 1990s.

In the US, however, it has not been completely withdrawn from the market, in contrast to Europe, but has been subject to drastic restrictions on indication. The FDA apparently did not want to steal the poor company Glaxo too strongly on the feet and the billions product completely disassembled.

And then there are the scientific medical men, who have tried and tested scientifically and scientifically on the orders of the industry scientific marketing articles, ie textbooks and publications in the sense of the pharmaceutical industry: the prominent psychiatrists Charles Nemeroff and Alan Schatzberg wrote a complete textbook for Glaxo (Recognition and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders: A Psychopharmacology Handbook for Primary Care). Another case of confidence-enhancing measures on the part of the medical profession in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry.

So if you have so great medical allies, then you have to be immediately aroused and look at what is still sold as a blessing.

Just the tip of the iceberg?

So here is a small selection of evidence-based medical science, as it could hardly be typical. While reading the following, I would like to ask the reader to always have the spiritual eye or the physical back – head that most of the alternative healing methods and medicinal plants for school medicine are not evidence – based (but have been tested and used for centuries or millennia) thus “extremely dangerous”. What you read immediately is not dangerous, but just sad.

Yaz and Yasmin

This is an “anti-baby pill” or ovulation inhibitor from Bayer. The pill has been on the market since 2006 and has since been able to prove that it is able to build thrombosis, provoke bile diseases, heart attacks and stroke.

However, this did not happen in older women who are not likely to target such medication. No, these effects (talking about side effects here would be an insult to the pharmacological profile of the substance) were observed in 18-year-old girls. But it gets even fatter. Meanwhile, the company Bayer in the USA is accused of not having sufficiently researched the preparation. Yes, but they are evidence-based science! How can such a thing happen? Then the company is still accused of not having withdrawn the preparation fast enough after all these life-threatening effects became apparent.

Did Bayer want to earn a quick dollar at the expense of the girls’ health? It would indeed be a company that would blame HIV-infected coagulation factors for hemophiliacs in Asia. Bayer did not choose Bayer’s argument: In September 2009, the FDA complained that Bayer had sold a low-quality drug (of lower quality or gum medicine) to the market.

Bayer justified and declared that it only controlled the “average” quality of its deliveries, but not the quality of each batch. Is clear…

Lyrica, Topamax and Lamictal

“Lyrica” ​​by Pfizer, “Topamax” by Janssen-Cilag and “Lamictal” by Glaxo. “Lamictal” is an epilepsy medication which has been approved even for children. The FDA warned, however, last year before frequently occurring brain inflammation in connection with the drug. All three drugs increase suicide risk and behavior. But that is not enough: they also cause loss of memory and hair loss. No problem

The Best Medicaments for Pollen Allergies

When the warm season approaches and the air is saturated with pollen, the worst time of the year begins for pollen allergists. The eyes begin to tear, and the nose runs incessantly. Some sufferers suffer from such severe nasal attacks that they are hardly able to perform their work.

The following figures show that hay fever (allergic rhinitis) is a European problem: according to reliable estimates about 15 per cent of all adults in Switzerland are affected, in Germany it is even 20 per cent.

What is the cause?

A pollen allergy is basically nothing but an exaggerated defense reaction of the body. If the pollen reaches the nasal mucosa or into the eyes, antibodies are formed. In this process, the body empties the messenger histamine, which is responsible for the annoying symptoms.

Medicines can not relieve pollen allergic patients, but they can reduce symptoms to a tolerable extent. The most sold products include nasal drops and sprays with cromoglitic acid.

These remedies must be taken approximately two weeks before the beginning of flowering, as they develop their effect only after 7 to 10 days. Cromoglitic acid prevents the formation of inflammatory agents (e.g., cytokines and leukotrienes). After application, itching or nasal bleeding may occur.

In the case of acute complaints, sprays with the active substance azelastine have proven to be effective. In Switzerland, the antihistamine has been approved since 1994; in other countries, azelastine has been used successfully for vasomotor rhinitis (a chronic watery-running or clogged nose) for more than half a century.

The spray is applied once or twice daily. The taste is perceived by most patients as bitter; for this reason, it is recommended to tilt the head forward in the application so that the spray can not be inhaled.

Homeopathy also offers treatment options

The so-called counter-sensitization is a treatment approach, with which in recent years astonishing success has been achieved. In this type of therapy the physician takes the blood from the allergic person, from which the antibodies are isolated. The treated blood is injected in increasing dosage.

By far the most effective method is the counter-sensitization according to Prof. Theurer. In contrast to school-based counter-sensitization, this treatment is performed during the phase in which the patient has the most severe symptoms.

During the polling season, nasal dips can provide relief with 0.9% saline solution. The solution cleans the plant pollen from the nose so that it can no longer cause allergic reactions. The acceptance of nasal nasal dysplasia is very different in the case of pollen allergic persons: some sufferers find it repulsive, while others often use them. There are even patients who are addicted to it.

What You Should Know About Grapefruit Health Benefits

Grapefruit kernel extract, GKE for short, has been very popular lately. But what is behind it?

The active ingredient in the grapefruit kernel extract is oligomeric Procyanidolic Complexes, or briefly OPC short. This active ingredient is 50 times stronger than vitamin E and 20 times stronger than the all-too-popular vitamin C.

If you’re fact that GKE is stronger than these two wonderful antioxidants, you are not yet convinced, let’s take a deeper look at GKE.

Grapefruit kernel extract is classified as a bioflavonoid which not only strengthens but also protects the living tissue. GKE is a super-strong antioxidant and just antioxidants are the key to staying young and healthy.

In addition, the grapefruit seed extract has been used for years by doctors in several European countries to treat certain diseases.

Because these European doctors rely so heavily on this supplement, these rigorous and thorough tests have been made to ensure that it is actually beneficial to patients and can treat disorders. Some of them are …

– Prevention of cardiovascular disease

– Treatment of painful varicose veins

– Water retention

– connective tissue disorders and arthritis

There are several other uses for GKE. This extract is also used to stop bleeding, minimize pain and reduce inflammation. Immature and dried grapefruit kernels are also used to treat headaches and constipation.

Grapefruit cores have a high concentration of flavanoids, vitamin E, linoleic acid and phenolic OPCs (which are a powerful antioxidant).

Flavanoids and polyphenols thus provide quasi antioxidants that bind free radicals, which are associated with a number of degenerative diseases as well as cancer. These compounds not only fight against free radicals, but also help to remove toxins from the body.

A lot of Resveratrol (a polyphenol found in grapes) has been researched, which has shown that it can increase the life span of many animal species. It is said to have an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antioxidant effect. It is also designed to help stabilize blood glucose levels and improve overall cardiovascular health.

Grapefruit kernel extract can also reduce “bad” cholesterol (known as LDL level) and thus protect the heart.

In addition, grapefruit kernel extract can improve blood pressure and can reduce the risk of developing heart disease or type 2 diabetes. All of these systems are interconnected so that when a system is improved (e.g., cardiovascular health), this usually contributes to the improvement of the other systems.

As mentioned above, grapefruit kernel extract is a potent antioxidant. By removing oxidative “stress” from the body, you can significantly improve your future health.

However, not all free radicals need to be eliminated in order to stay healthy. In fact, free radicals play an important role in our metabolism. Damage and negative effects occur when these free radicals are not kept under control. Therefore, supplementing with the grapefruit kernel extract can help prevent various diseases and brain damage.

Are there any side effects?

At present, no serious side effects of the grapefruit kernel extract are known. Slight stomach problems are possible under certain circumstances. Otherwise, this supplement is generally very well tolerated. At this point, there are two core groups that should avoid this addition:

If you are pregnant or take blood thinners, you should not take the grapefruit kernel extract. Also if you take other medications, you should clarify the intake with your doctor.

Grapefruit seed extract dosage

It is important to understand the recommended dosage for each supplement. If supplements are considered safe, this is always based on a recommended, controlled dose.

You can take this supplement as a tablet, capsule or in liquid form. To achieve the greatest effect, you should choose a product with an OPC content of at least 95%. Since there are many different forms, there is no standardized dosage.

As a rule, users usually take between 25 mg and 150 mg daily. To maintain the antioxidant support, you should take the typical dose (up to 150 mg). If you suffer from chronic venous insufficiency, it is recommended to take up to 300 mg daily.

As with any supplement, you should start with a lower dose. Pay attention to the reaction of your body. And discuss any concerns with your doctor.

The Quality of HIV Testing

HIV (Human Immunodeficiecy Virus) has been a worldwide known and feared virus since the first case in the 1960s.

Medical institutions have always tried to prevent the proliferation of this deadly virus by producing condoms, creating awareness of healthy blood transfusion, absolute abstinence, placards and reconnaissance talks – with success, but ultimately it must be admitted that is spreading further.

It is therefore important to carry out HIV tests at predetermined intervals to diagnose the virus earlier and to obtain the necessary treatment. HIV can be identified by different tests, the most convenient is the HIV fast test that you can make yourself at home. An early detection can finally save lives.

An HIV rapid test is a medical diagnostic test that is quick and easy to perform. Rapid diagnostic tests are suitable for emergency or emergency medicine and for use in medical facilities with restricted material.

The result is faster than the conventional laboratory test, it is in a very short period of time: generally after 5 to 30 minutes. If someone gets a negative test result, he or she is from this virus, unless the test took place before the antibodies have developed early. However, a positive result must necessarily be sent to the laboratory for confirmation.

The HIV rapid test is based on the testing of HIV antibodies and HIV virus components. The blood required for the test is usually extracted from the patient by a small stab into the finger.

The HIV rapid test is beneficial because:

– So that many people can be tested within a short time
– The test does not require any specialized equipment

How is the HIV test carried out?

To perform the test, the tester collects oral secretions or a drop of blood and then inserts it into a vial. Then, the tester inserts the device into the vial containing the developing solution. When HIV antibodies are present in a sample, a red line appears in the test zone indicating that the subject has been tested positive for HIV.

The HIV rapid test is of very high accuracy (99.5 to 99.8%, which is similar to laboratory tests). Some rapid tests of this type can also be used to identify other sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis.

However, rapid tests are useful not only for private but also for medical professionals. For example, if someone has been tested positive for HIV, a treatment plan can be made immediately.

The advantages of such a rapid test clearly outweigh the disadvantages, which are mainly in the relatively high price of 29.95 EUR. Such an HIV home test can give you peace of mind at home about any infection.

Attention: The Internet also offers fake HIV fast tests. A true HIV test always has a CE marking.

The Major Principle of a Balanced Nutrition

A balanced diet is considered one of the most important factors for human health. Essentially, it is about meeting the needs of all nutrients (for example, vitamins, minerals and proteins) while taking advantage of the diversity of the food supply.

This is precisely the problem: many contemporaries eat one-sidedly and pay little or no attention to the nutrient content of their food. It is easy for every human being to integrate a healthy diet into everyday life. Read the following for a balanced diet.

A sufficient supply of liquid is the A and O

The basis of a balanced diet is a sufficient supply of liquid. It is important to ensure that the drinks contain as little calories as possible. The best thirst extinguishers are tap water and mineral water, diluted fruit juices (two parts of water, a portion of juice), as well as unsweetened teas. By the way, also coffee and black tea, provided they are enjoyed in moderate quantities, contribute to the balance of the liquid budget.

For elderly people, it is recommended to place a container with water inside the field of view. The best way to do this is to use a carafe – for bottles, the problem often arises that the lid is turned too tightly and can not be opened without the help of others.

Dietary fibers bring digestion into focus

Dietary fibers promote bowel activity and help diabetics better control their blood glucose levels. In addition, they are an important source of energy for colorectal cancer cells and help alleviate haemorrhoids. These effects are enhanced when the dietary fibers are absorbed along with a lot of fluid.

The need for fiber can best be met by so-called complex carbohydrates. These are found both in pasta and rice, as well as in potatoes and cereal products. A daily consumption of four portions is recommended, whereby children and sporty active people can eat a little more. To make full use of fiber, it is important to include different sources in the diet.

Fruits and vegetables are indispensable for a healthy diet

Fruits and vegetables are indispensable for a balanced diet. The World Health Organization recommends eating fruits twice a day and eating vegetables three times a day. Raw food and cooked or steamed vegetables should alternate. One portion corresponds approximately to the size of one’s own fist – a child’s portion is thus significantly smaller than that of an adult. If neither vegetables nor fruit are available, a glass of juice can replace one serving.

If you would like to provide further information on “balanced nutrition”, here are some good tips.