The Quality of HIV Testing

HIV (Human Immunodeficiecy Virus) has been a worldwide known and feared virus since the first case in the 1960s.

Medical institutions have always tried to prevent the proliferation of this deadly virus by producing condoms, creating awareness of healthy blood transfusion, absolute abstinence, placards and reconnaissance talks – with success, but ultimately it must be admitted that is spreading further.

It is therefore important to carry out HIV tests at predetermined intervals to diagnose the virus earlier and to obtain the necessary treatment. HIV can be identified by different tests, the most convenient is the HIV fast test that you can make yourself at home. An early detection can finally save lives.

An HIV rapid test is a medical diagnostic test that is quick and easy to perform. Rapid diagnostic tests are suitable for emergency or emergency medicine and for use in medical facilities with restricted material.

The result is faster than the conventional laboratory test, it is in a very short period of time: generally after 5 to 30 minutes. If someone gets a negative test result, he or she is from this virus, unless the test took place before the antibodies have developed early. However, a positive result must necessarily be sent to the laboratory for confirmation.

The HIV rapid test is based on the testing of HIV antibodies and HIV virus components. The blood required for the test is usually extracted from the patient by a small stab into the finger.

The HIV rapid test is beneficial because:

– So that many people can be tested within a short time
– The test does not require any specialized equipment

How is the HIV test carried out?

To perform the test, the tester collects oral secretions or a drop of blood and then inserts it into a vial. Then, the tester inserts the device into the vial containing the developing solution. When HIV antibodies are present in a sample, a red line appears in the test zone indicating that the subject has been tested positive for HIV.

The HIV rapid test is of very high accuracy (99.5 to 99.8%, which is similar to laboratory tests). Some rapid tests of this type can also be used to identify other sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis.

However, rapid tests are useful not only for private but also for medical professionals. For example, if someone has been tested positive for HIV, a treatment plan can be made immediately.

The advantages of such a rapid test clearly outweigh the disadvantages, which are mainly in the relatively high price of 29.95 EUR. Such an HIV home test can give you peace of mind at home about any infection.

Attention: The Internet also offers fake HIV fast tests. A true HIV test always has a CE marking.