Medicinal weevil – Weevils for better health

It is known that the intake of living weevils is something that can help us to alleviate a large number of diseases, among them we can mention diabetes, asthma, different Types of pains, psoriasis, etc. These are usually remedies used by the Chinese, and it is known that the Argentines are also those who use them for a long time.

Medicinal weevil for diabetes

There are several cases in which there have been people who have taken them for diabetes, in fact, we even know some that even losing their fingernails were, weevils, began to recover them. Among the first manifestations that can be found with the taking of this therapy, we can mention for example the recovery of serious wounds, which perhaps would soon merit an amputation, has regained sensitivity, and also in certain cases of diabetes mellitus; We know that they help to improve the organic operation.

Medicinal weevil for pains

Let us say that in practically all cases where we can find different manifestations of pain, even though morphine has been administered and it has not been able to reduce, also when there are strong pains due to cancer, By severe inflammations, rheumatism and also in cases of meniscal inflammations and deforming type arthritis. In all these cases we have had a contribution for the medicinal weevil, especially if we are talking about liver and kidney pains.

The truth is that we can not know exactly what is the liquid of the weevils, but we can be sure that with them it is possible to raise the level of the body’s defenses, apart from having The possibility of combating pain. Let’s say in other words that the body heals by its own means.

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