Models of facades for modern houses

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After enjoying these images of façades of modern houses we will discover how to achieve a modern façade using the latest generation elements and building materials. By applying these basic guidelines we will get contemporary homes, you can use these photos to inspire!

We will note that these modern house designs represent examples of traditionally built dwellings from arid elements such as concrete, bricks and cement.

By combining in a particular way these elements of construction, which we have been using since time immemorial, we achieve modern facades with much style and sophistication.




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As you will have noticed here are examples of modern facades of two floors and also of a floor, since both characteristics are valid to achieve modern constructions. Most of these examples of modern houses have a carport, something that is increasingly needed in a family home of these characteristics.

We hope you enjoyed this selection of images of modern facades with different styles, we appreciate the finishes in exposed brick, smoothed cement, fine plasters and natural stones.

If this note has not been able to fully satisfy your needs, we invite you to browse the web in search of more modern and current home models.

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