Models of modern corner houses

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Previously we have already shared corner houses , but since it is still a very requested model, we will add some interesting new examples to consider.

Models of facades of corner houses

These facades of modern corner houses are examples of large constructions, so they all have more than one floor.

Models of minimalist corner houses

image- 258

modern corner facades

Templates Of corner houses

As you may have noticed, corner constructions have particular qualities, since they have a greater number of meters in front, which amplifies the possibilities of building details and access to the property.

In general, modern constructions of recent years stand out for their simple finishes, generally with straight and stripped lines, away from the rounded finishes that were so common in previous years.

 Models of facades of corner houses

Models of modern corner houses

Models of large modern corner houses

 facades of 3-storey corner houses

Facades of modern corner houses

To make these “corner” facades modern play with the color palette used in the final termination of the walls, so you can highlight those sectors that the owner Or architect believe appropriate.

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