Modern 5 bedroom house

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While titling this as a modern 5 bedroom home, we could also add that it has a total of 180 square meters of covered and usable area.

 Modern 5 bedroom house

If we go directly to the interior of the house we must first walk down the ground floor where we find a simple carport, bedroom, a bathroom, a large kitchen, a laundry, living room and dining room. Meanwhile, in the first floor or first floor we will have four more bedrooms to reach the total of five previously named. Here, conveniently, it has been decided to place a spacious bathroom with all the services that is in common use.

Beautiful house with facade  5 bedrooms

Facade and Counterfade

We have an image of the front and the quiet part of the building that allow us to have a clear and precise idea about the final finish of the house itself.

 Facade of modern 5-bedroom house

We have a garden that surrounds the whole house, this is a proposed projection that should not necessarily be respected. It will make the decoration itself but it will greatly enhance the project.

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