Modern and minimalist counter facade

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If we talk about modern and minimalist designs simultaneously we can not stop presenting the image below. It is a counterfacade, an area very well decorated and designed for the personal enjoyment of its inhabitants.

With an open gallery that occupies the entire width of the house, this particular quiet part of the building is inaugurated. To the same we will leave through wide doors glass windows. It should also be noted that the back masonry is also made of this material from the floor to the ceiling.

It is clear that lighting is a fundamental part of this house and we will find it both on the curved roof at certain points on the floor or the floor.

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The back garden is really small and serves more as a decoration. The rest has been upholstered with natural stone and with possibly large porcelain tiles.

It is a house for the enjoyment and designed for areas without a dense urban load.

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