Modern facade of 2 floors clad in stone

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Let’s talk about this modern facade of 2 floors clad in stone that we can see in the image. In addition we are going to give certain descriptions or details referring to what it has in its interior.

Although the stone has been chosen for this double-deck house, much of it is still maintained with a traditional plaster. A very frequent question is about what is under the stone in the cladding ?.

 Modern facade of 2 floors covered in stone

In reference to this last question we must say that it is often chosen to leave the bare brick wall . In other cases, a waterproofing of the wall is done to then give rise to the settlement of the stone.

With regard to housing we must say that it has a 190 square meter flat with a large garage, three bedrooms and an equal number of bathrooms.

Modern stone house facades

Houses covered with stones

We could well catalog this house within the facades of modern houses with stones if we consider all the features it has. This is necessary to name the ones usually associated with stone with rusticity.

Modern houses with stones

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