Modern facades with exposed brick

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We have already shared some of the modern facades with exposed brick , but today we have more brick facade options for you to know.

Because of its long durability, pleasant aesthetic finish and versatility, exposed bricks or bricks seen are most often used in modern constructions.

With proper care and maintenance this type of exterior cladding can last for many years, extending the life of our facade and minimizing the amount of maintenance work that will require it.

We invite you to visit this small catalog of facades of houses with modern brick seen so that you know some of the many models of feasible combinations when undertaking the construction or remodeling of the façade of your Housing.

 facades of modern houses with brick

 facades of modern houses with exposed brick

 simple house with brick seen

 Modern facade of a floor with brick seen

 facades of one-storey houses with exposed brick

 modern facades with brick seen

 facades with brick seen from a plant
We look forward to your comments regarding these photos of modern facades with exposed brick, we would love to know which of them was the one that you like.

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