Modern facades

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In my opinion, modern facades are the most required by new owners. We refer to those people who are going to build or buy a home for the first time and choose, or have as a reference, a house with modern facade .

If you choose to see the façades that we have on this occasion you should surely notice that they are all very particular with a completely avant-garde design.

Modern facades

We have a total of three façades whose completion is mainly made of cement (traditional plaster) and a coating of glass and aluminum (especially in the openings).

This does not mean that in certain specific places we can find stone, iron or any other material commonly used on the fronts.

modern fronts

In two of these options we will find that we have opted for a front garden with a pool that is inexorably mimicked with the facade itself. I think it is a good option to have this facade with that kind of details, we can always eliminate some of these if we want to see the loaded.

View modern facades

We end up with a much simpler facade, although a small space is maintained with grass that is very warm and gives a particular ending. As for the front of the house itself we find three well defined sections namely:

current facades

Garage for two vehicles, this has a double front gate which will be fully raised whenever you have to enter or leave the house. In some cases you can opt for two smaller doors that work independently.

Entrance door in glass and aluminum, a very exquisite detail of decoration although it is not beneficial for privacy. In terms of safety, the use of high-density aluminum and armored glass can be used to cover this aspect without sacrificing good taste and design.

The same could be said of the side window, this is wide and uses the same materials as the front door. It has been opted here for the placement of a curtain to provide more privacy.

The side passage is completing the rest of the house facade and has been made of cement and wood.

So we finished seeing these modern façades that add to a wide range that we have presented here in other opportunities.

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