Modern futuristic house

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While we have decided to title this delivery as “futuristic house” and modern style, there are several observations we can make about it. On the one hand we can see that it is also minimalist in a sense and also this one is built in a street in unevenness.

It is a house of 2 floors that we can observe in the facade. With a roof to four waters and a balcony in the upper floor we can notice that does not leave so much of the mold in that sense.

casa-futurista -moderna

The lower part, perhaps not included in the picture, is dominated by a large garage that covers a good part of the fa├žade. This one is retired of the line of construction some meters giving rise to a space of guarding of cars although without any method of security in the front.

Basically we are facing a house that comes out of the mold by the way in which its endings have been made and not so much by its form itself. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did when presenting it.

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