Modern house colors

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We have previously shared different colors to paint facades, but today we want to dedicate ourselves to the colors for modern houses.

On this occasion we have six models of two-story houses with very different styles of painting. At present we encourage ourselves to play more with the strong and intense colors, for that reason we find façades painted red, coral, and even shrill yellow.

 Cheerful colors for modern facades

 Colors to paint modern houses

Colors of Modern Houses

But if we want a more conservative, but equally modern front we can opt for the ever-existing white combined with different materials, this particular example is mixed with large sectors covered in wood and large surfaces where glass predominates, this combination without Place to doubt returns a charming modern facade.

Modern white facades

Other examples of modern paintings for houses on two floors can be violet and lead gray, combined with apple green,

Modern facades with beautiful colors

Colors for modern facades

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of these modern painting options for current homes.

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