Modern house facade of 2 floors

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We will start with a modern 2-storey house facade , which also aims to convey a sense of elegance. Many details that can make it very recharged in terms of styles and elements that make up the front, know more below.

The entire front is covered in different materials and at no time can we see the bare brick.

 Modern 2-storey house facade

In each of the corners of this fa├žade we can find a very delicate work, something that is not at all economic when it comes to building. Moldings, coatings, decorations and various designs characterize this home.

Now we will continue with this modern two-story house facade that we have decided to present on this occasion.

Modern two-level house facade

If you look at it from the top down, you will see that the roof has veneers instead of tiles or traditional slabs. The water will flow into gutters that surround the entire perimeter and then go to the bottom through drains made of metal.

 Facades of modern double-storey houses

The openings are made mainly in wood although we can find other aluminum. Ancient bronze is the color chosen for the windows made of this metal.

Complaints are also part of this house although in a very subtle way. They are merely decorative and are included in the vehicular and pedestrian access. More precisely we will be able to see them on the construction line.

Later we will present some modern small houses facades of two floors . Surely ask yourself, what difference is there with this one? Very simple, the one we are seeing now is not small at all but rather great.

So we finish looking at architectural design where the front is what interests us and we leave aside the architectural plan.

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