Modern house facade with balcony and double garage

As in the image presented on this occasion we bring you a modern house facade with balcony and double garage . In addition to being one of the most beautiful we have seen so far, its features will attract much attention.

To begin with, it has a combination of styles that go well beyond the modern. The materials used will also allow it to not go unnoticed and the distribution of the elements throughout the facade is something to highlight.

 Modern house facade with balcony and double garage

We will start from the top to the bottom, and in the same path we will conclude this description.

We have a flat roof, this will force the necessary drainage, generally towards the front (something that has not been respected here). They can also be done sideways or in the back.

Another interesting feature is the detail of the decoration on the left side. Those kind of bricks with moldings were very typical previously and are becoming fashionable once again.

Despite having a cement coating on the entire outer layer we see that the balcony has an exquisite detail in dark wood.

On the lower floor we will see a large double garage and the access door to the apartment. Although it is possible to enter by both we consider the latter as the main access.

With respect to the entrance door we must say that it is seen quite narrow, something uncommon but totally solvable.

We ended up seeing this facade of a modern house with a balcony and a double garage that has many remarkable features, something we have talked about here.

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