Modern house facade with garage

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This modern home with garage gives us a better idea of ​​the front we dream of for our home . Although it is a computer model, it corresponds to an existing construction and is very similar.

We can see in this facade the use of different types of materials that we will know next.

Facade of modern house with garage

In part a mosaic tile has been used, these give the house a rustic style with a similar stone. We also have the use of ceramics in black color , for the bottom in the most protruding area of ​​the façade .

Modern house facade

A separate paragraph deserves the use of wood as a coating. This is in certain areas where the designer has believed its application necessary. We can see at a glance how horizontal slats of wood were applied.

The roof is totally covered by asphalt tiles that gives you the correct water allocation that a house like this requires. Its maintenance is frequent, however it is only done replacing the old one that have the drawback.

In conclusion we have left the openings. They are made of sheet metal with a dark gray epoxy paint. Of course, for the windows also has been used a video being this double for the zones where the cold is extreme.

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