Modern house facade with large glass

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The large windows of this modern house facade completely cover some of its walls. Undoubtedly this is a very special design that can not be built anywhere.

In spite of this we believe that it is worth knowing this type of models of houses to be able to know what is being used around the world today.

 Modern house facade with wide glass

Their glass panels are 2 m wide by 3 m high in the larger areas. Of course, there are smaller ones in different areas depending on the need to build. We also have traditional openings for which metal is used as a frame and frame.

Stainless steel has been a key ally in this home, with columns, openings and tensioners in the form of V.

The vehicular income is given by the right wing although it has not been covered. This has been maintained so that you can better see both the front and the side of the whole house.

We finished this house with a modern facade and ample glass in it. We hope it has been to your liking and find you at the forefront with respect to new constructions.

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