Modern house facade with plants

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Behind its double garage , a large window with fixed glass panels on the upper floor, and a very nice illumination we see in this modern house facade with Plants a wide foliage that grant different plant species.

This does not stop it being a modern facade and in no way makes it a rustic front. It maintains its totally unique style to force of decoration.

Facade of modern house with plants

The stones in their access, the stones and the great ceramics are a very particular combination and that is part of the reasons that have led us to present this front.

One particular detail takes us to the first floor terrace. As an additional decoration has decided to make a small masonry of just over 1 m in the front. This has small slots that let you see through them, a detail that adds to the whole house. In some cases these openings are wider and glass bricks are placed on them, this is not the occasion.

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