Modern house front facade

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Once again we are gathered here to give you a modern house facade, this time it is accompanied by a very strong front stonemason. >

 Facade of modern house with front shed

The house itself does not go unnoticed. It has two floors, a roof to four waters, openings in different colors and materials and a garage for two cars. However, the stonework located in the front and occupying much of the width of the facade is a detail rarely seen.

The same is narrow and long at the same time. It is decorated with plants of short stature so that they do not impede the visualization of the fa├žade itself. Only one plant of higher height that is outside the stonemason is chosen and is oriented to offer greater privacy to one of the windows of the house.

A frequent doubt regarding this type of front masonry is if they are in the sidewalk or the construction line itself. While this is something that depends on municipal ordinances, it is not possible to place stonemasons of this size on the sidewalk in most cities, towns and communes.

Therefore, the best option is that stonemason is within the building line, already part of the owner’s land.

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