Modern house with open garage and stone cladding

If you are looking for a house to fit your needs, this modern house with open garage is ideal for you. It is also a design that shows a clear stone cladding giving the idea of ​​urban rusticity so fashionable these days.

Basically we have a facade where it is possible to see the garage. Also the front porch with the door to one side. And we can not stop naming the openings of the right sector.


The house is 2 floors and maintains its style both on the ground floor and the high. We are here to present the image of the front with everything that implies.

In general terms we can contemplate a cozy house that is not at all small. About 5 people can live in it very comfortably.

We ended up seeing the virtues that have to offer the house of the image and that we have decided to take you on the occasion.

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