Modern house with pool and cantilevered roof

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A modern house with a cantilevered roof can be quite common these days. If we add a pool on your front then we already have a good part of what we all want for our own home.

Of course, in many cases, we will ask ourselves if the lack of privacy will affect our quality of life. This is something very personal and a subject in which we will not delve.


Your balcony, which we can see in the upper right corner of the picture invites us to spend long hours outdoors, enjoying the outdoors.

The measures of the pool could be rethought in the search to maintain space for another type of building. It is also possible to propose the creation of a small front garden or extend deck.

We hope that this modern home, wherever you look at it, can be to your liking and a solution to the comfort and home that you are looking for.

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